Two types of fuses are used.  The CNN-400 main fuse is provided with the controller.  It must be wired as close to the battery as possible.


CNN-400 Main Fuse

In this design, the main fuse is connected to the positive terminal of the battery pack, but it could be connected on the negative side.  A fuse holder makes it easier to mount on the motorcycle.  If there is danger of contact with other wires, tools, or the elements, a fuse holder with a cover could be used to protect it.

Littelfuse fuse holderCNN Fuse Holder

Each of the component circuits is also fused.  ABC series fuses are used in this design.

ABC fusesABC Fuse

They are identical in size and shape (1.25″ x 0.25″ cylinders) to the more common AGC fuses, but they have ceramic instead of glass tubes and are rated at 125VDC.  Fuse holders are also used for ease of connecting and mounting.

abc fuse blockABC Fuse Block

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