The Delta-Q QuiQ-dci charger is capable of charging Lithium battery packs as well as other types at a 1kW rate.  The 72V model used on this motorcycle can be loaded with a number of charging algorithms based on battery type and voltage.  The ideal algorithm for this battery pack is #164, a lithium profile which charges to 91.2V.

New PictureDelta-Q QuiQ-dci Charger

The QuiQ-dci charger is well-built and reliable.  Most QuiQ chargers on the market do not have the -dci designation, meaning they do not include the embedded DC/DC converter.  They are less expensive, and if you are going to use it as an offboard charger, that is the model you want.

However, if you can fit this rather large charger onto your motorcycle, you should strongly consider the -dci model.  It will allow you to avoid the complexity and cost of integrating a separate DC/DC converter into your system.

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