The battery pack is made of 11 Nissan Leaf battery modules (the Leaf uses 48 modules).  Each module contains four cells, configured as two parallel cells in series with two other parallel cells.  The middle terminal provides access to the node between the cell pairs, allowing management of each.

Leaf battery moduleNissan Leaf Battery Module

These modules provide impressive energy density at a modest cost.  Like all Lithium batteries, they require a smart charger to avoid overcharging.

Each cell pair (a cell pair can functionally be treated as one cell since they are in parallel) has a nominal voltage of 3.8V, resulting in a pack voltage of 3.8 x 22 = 84V.  Eleven modules were ideal for this motorcycle, for three reasons:  They fit within the frame, they can be nearly fully charged while staying under the 90V limit of the AXE controller, and they do not overburden the motorcycle in weight.

Battery StacksBattery Pack Installed

The capacity of each cell pair is nominally 66Ah, making each module a 500Wh unit (66Ah x 7.6V).  The modules are held together by rods, such as bolts or all-thread, inserted through the four corners.  Inside the corners of the modules are cylindrical sleeves/bushings to keep the modules from crushing.  Metal spacers are also placed between each module for the same purpose.


More information about these batteries can be found at:  Hybrid Auto Center

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