Below are the components used in this conversion, linked to more detailed information.

Motor:  Motenergy ME1003
Controller:  Alltrax AXE 7245
Batteries:  11 Nissan Leaf modules in series; 84V 60Ah pack
(22 LiNm2O4 cell pairs, 3.8V 60Ah each)
Charger:  onboard Delta-Q QuiQ-dci 72V programmable
DC/DC Converter:  13.5VDC output, embedded in QuiQ-dci charger
Throttle:  Domino 0-5kOhm
Contactor:  Albright SW200
Relay:  KUEP-3D15-12
Instrumentation:  Cycle Analyst 2.3 HC, 0.25mOhm shunt resistor
Fuses:  ANN-400 and ABC series
Wiring:  2 AWG welding cable, plus various smaller wires
Diodes:  MR752, 1N5408, 1N4148
Resistor:  1kOhm
Sprockets and Chain:  530 Heavy Duty, 13-tooth front, 50-tooth rear