De-ICE is jargon for removing all the internal combustion engine (ICE) parts.  I found this part enjoyable, especially as I considered all the complex moving parts, dozens of failure modes, oily grime, and maintenance requirements I was stripping off.  All of this would be replaced by an utterly simple, clean and robust system.

Before removing the transmission, I took a photo of the front drive sprocket and surrounding frame, so I could later position the electric motor shaft very close to that location, and also verify my measurements for the custom frame plates.  I positioned the camera inline with the shaft and far from the motorcycle, fully zoomed in, so distortion was negligible.


I took other photos during the de-ICE procedure, just in case.  I found these helpful in later determining which wires in the wiring harness were no longer relevant.

It wasn’t too challenging to determine what should be removed and what should remain.  Anything that made the bike roll, steer, stop, or stand was left on.  Plus I left the lights, horn, switches, instruments, mirrors and seat.  Everything else came off.

IMG_9089 crop
Although the gas tank was removed, it was retained for looks.  I removed the main wire harness by disconnecting all the plastic connectors near the lights and horn, then cutting the cable ties and unthreading the wire harness from the frame.


Later, I used many of the wires and connectors from the wire harness to connect the lights and horn.

The removed parts included:

  • engine
  • transmission
  • clutch
  • alternator
  • primary chain and sprockets
  • carburetor
  • air filter
  • battery and holder
  • drive chain
  • petcock, filter and hoses
  • battery straps, wires, and hardware
  • shift lever
  • electric start motor and gear cluster
  • sprag clutch
  • rectifiers
  • relays
  • multiplexer
  • multilink (oops, this was the flasher relay – should have kept it)
  • ignition coil and wire
  • pulse air valve
  • catch can and hoses
  • engine brackets and bolts
  • primary chain case
  • decompression and throttle cables
  • clutch lever
  • AC regulator
  • exhaust pipe
  • various wires not part of the main harness
  • small fuse box

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