Cut the Tank

Most electric motorcycle conversions retain the gas tank, but with the bottom cut out.  This preserves the style of the bike and creates a place where components can be housed and protected from the elements.

I cut out the bottom of my tank because I thought I might use the space.  However, the toolboxes proved much more convenient for mounting components, so the tank did not get used in the end.

First, I drained the gas and left the fill port open for days to allow any remaining gas to evaporate.  A friend told me of his cousin who cut into a gas tank without completely eliminating the gas and fumes inside, and lived the rest of his life as a vegetable after the explosion.  Not wanting to take any chances, I flushed the tank with soapy water and rinsed it thoroughly.

I had not yet discovered the joys of the angle grinder with metal cutting wheel, so I used other tools:  First the sabre saw with metal blade, then hacksaw, then Dremel with a reinforced cutting wheel.

IMG_0044Sabre Saw (Jig Saw)


IMG_0050Dremel with Reinforced Cutting Wheel

IMG_0051Finished Tank

After removing the metal tank bottom, I filed around the tank cut-out with a hand file to remove the sharp edges.

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